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  • The Dukes of Hazzard Hold 'Em The Dukes of Hazzard Hold 'Em 10813 plays You will compete with Daisy Duke in this very sexy game of poker. You are handed out with 250 dollars and you must win against the real clever Daisy to unlock a new set of Daisy cards.
  • Crash Test Launcher Crash Test Launcher 10810 plays Launch your crash test dummy through various stages. Upgrades include faster cars, jetpacks, armors and more. How far can you launch your dummy?
  • Black Jack Flash Black Jack Flash 10802 plays Place your bet and play against the dealer. Careful not to exceed 21 points!
  • Car 2 Jigsaw Car 2 Jigsaw 10723 plays Star race car Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater head overseas to compete in the World Grand Prix race. But the road to the championship ...
  • Superman Car Hidden Alphabets Superman Car Hidden Alphabets 10686 plays Use mouse to play and left click to spot the hidden alphabets. Get 100 for each correct clicks and minus 25 for each wrong clicks. Try to find all the hidden alphabets and the highest score before time run out.
  • Ancient Persia Solitaire Ancient Persia Solitaire 10679 plays New online solitaire with two different inside and picturesque graphics in Persian theme by The caravan with goods moves slowly across the terrible desert from one oasis to another. The travel is dangerous and difficult and you should play 5 solitaire games in each halt. There are 100 levels and two different types of solitaire: Tripeaks and Match2.
  • Cute Baby Nursery Cute Baby Nursery 10676 plays If only babies were always this clear about what they wanted...
  • Sheriff Tripeaks Sheriff Tripeaks 10614 plays This is a game of classic Tripeaks. You need to find the card with one number above or one number below the show card. You only get three chances to undo your move in one game. There are 25 challenging levels to get through - all of them locked, save the first one. The first few levels are easy but it gets harder and harder at each level. Go back and try to earn the gold star in every level.
  • Baby Bathing Baby Bathing 10582 plays Can you make this bubbly baby's bath even better?
  • Mobil 1 Global Challenge Mobil 1 Global Challenge 10449 plays Trip with this amazing 3D racing game. Drive an amazing sportive car and be the fastest of the track.
  • Scooby Doo - Pursuit Of Pairs Scooby Doo - Pursuit Of Pairs 10346 plays You have to eliminate all cards from the board by finding the matching pairs of images, before the time runs out. Use bomb card to eliminate a single card. Use blue card to reveal all cards at once. Complete all the levels to win the game.
  • Blackjack River Belle Blackjack River Belle 10317 plays Play Blackjack, get 21 points, and earn as many credits as you can!
  • Tripeaks Tripeaks 10227 plays Move the cards in the field to the card at the bottom till the field is empty.
  • Ask the Spirits 2 Ask the Spirits 2 10156 plays Ask the spirits your questions but be careful not to upset them!
  • Halloween Scene! Colori... Halloween Scene! Colori... 10139 plays Under the light of a full harvest moon, everything is more colorful and exciting!
  • Audi Q7 Tuning Audi Q7 Tuning 10097 plays Make your own set up of the latest car Q7.. Try more different style's.
  • Kim Possible: Card Clash Kim Possible: Card Clash 10076 plays Each player starts with 25 cards. hit the DEAL button to deal one card to each player. The player with the highest card gets both cards! If both players have the same card, there will be a card clash! three cards from each deck will be place face-down on the table. hit the CARD CLASH button to deal on more card to each player. The player with the highest card wins all the cards out on the table. The game os over when one player has all 52 cards. Be the first to get all of the 52 cards and win!
  • Doyu Card Battle Doyu Card Battle 10075 plays Play the best cards at the best time in this RPG card game. Can you beat the CPU opponents?
  • Driver's License Practice Driver's License Practice 10040 plays Try to pass a series of driving exam to get a license.
  • Pixel Grand Prix Pixel Grand Prix 10031 plays Drive your car against others inside the circuit and get the victory.
  • Blackjack Dream Beach Blackjack Dream Beach 10018 plays A nice Blackjack game with atmospheric background sounds.
  • Shut Up and Drive Shut Up and Drive 10004 plays Drive as fast as you can and beat your rivals in this unique Outrun like 3d racing game! Finish the race before your time runs out in 10 different tracks! Gain extra points by overtaking other cars from a close distance or keeping a hi-speed for a long time!
  • Hell Chopper Hell Chopper 9970 plays Ride your bike as a skeleton over the hills. Try to grab all the pumpkins you can. Don't crash!
  • Casino Roulette Casino Roulette 9941 plays Place your bet, click Play, and let the croupier spin the roulette.
  • Naruto Monster Car Naruto Monster Car 9922 plays Help Naruto drive his monster car and reach the finish line without crashing.
  • Halloween Tripeaks Halloween Tripeaks 9879 plays Your goal in this solitaire game is to try to win as many rounds as possible and get the highest score you can.
  • Mobster Roulette 2 Mobster Roulette 2 9873 plays Here's a little life lesson: don't borrow gambling moneys from mobsters! Too late for you, though: pay back the mafia, and quick, while you can use both legs! Drive to smuggle guns, gamble to win, and stay alive!
  • Back Alley Blackjack Back Alley Blackjack 9861 plays Beat the dealer by having the higher hand that does not go over 21.

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